Navigating Nutrition

It has been ten days since I signed up for “Eat To Perform” and so far I have had a 35 minute call with April (one of the nutritionists on staff), text messaged her with questions and have had email threads back and forth too. She even sent en email this morning to check-in to […]

break out the ice packs

I did a workout on Monday in an attempt to freshen things up and do something different. I broke out an old favourite, P90X Kenpo! This is actually a really fun workout that is kinda sorta like kick-boxing but isn’t. You throw punches, jabs, uppercuts, blocks and you get to do a few different kicks […]

Changing Gears This Year

This might be coming out of left field a bit as I haven’t written my 2014 Ironman Mont Tremblant post yet but this is something I feel I want and need to write first as things are happening fast. A few weeks after the race last year I had signed up to go back to […]

Nutrition – Eat to Perform

I have been revamping and revising my nutrition for quite some time now. I have read so many different books about how to “eat right” and I think I actually find the plan that is going to work for me. As an athlete (I’m still not use to considering myself an athlete) I need to […]