The little things and the clarity cardio brings

The little things are what’s important in life and yesterday was a big reminder of just that. It was a morning like so many I had in the past, times I took for granted but with being sidelined for so long, it felt like such a treat. It’s almost funny how something as regular as going for a spin gave me such satisfaction. For a couple of hours, I felt like the old me. The girl who was always on the go training for a race, that me. I’ve missed that girl.

It felt so healthy and right, the simple act of getting up early on the weekend, having a pre-workout meal (and coffee, of course, come on who are we kidding) to picking out my bike shorts and packing a gym bag, it felt like old times. As I was climbing on the bike, with my water bottle, and music in hand it almost seemed surreal. I wasn’t there to do anything except ride.

It was an easy but amazing ride that I didn’t want to end. As I was getting ready to leave, my face flush from exertion and my gym bag hanging from my shoulder, it was then I realized it. It was times like these, which made me an athlete. It was that feeling! I stood taller, prouder, and felt good about myself. Any sense of inadequacy, insecurities, self-doubt, shame or loathing, were nowhere to be seen or felt.

Something as simple as a 45 min ride on a stationary bike gave me so much more than I could have imagined. On a day to day basis, it’s the little things. Don’t get me wrong, life is exhilarating and amazing with big things too, but if we don’t stop to smell the flowers once in a while we are missing out on the wonder, beauty and enjoyment the little things provide. A fresh cup of coffee made just right, a big hug from those you love, biking outdoors on a sunny day, or standing under the stars as they shine so bright. These are but a few of my favourite little things.

After being sidelined for weeks now from continuous flare-ups, the simple act of spinning my legs on a stationary spin bike and getting my heart rate up for a while made all the difference. It’s like a mental itch you can’t scratch. Relentless, twitchy, nervous, anxious energy brewing and bubbling within like an overflowing bottle of kombucha, this is how I describe what it feels like to go without regular exercise. Ah cardio, a wonder drug. The satisfaction and contentment cardio provides like nothing else. I was joking with my doctors this week how for me, cardio keeps the crazy away, but really, it’s no joke.

What little things will you do today to enjoy life’s simple pleasures?


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