Race to Embrace

This weekend meeting Taryn Brumfitt, the founder of the Body Image Movement was surreal, amazing and inspiring. Walking into the hotel room I didn’t know what to expect. I was meeting the woman I’ve seen in the documentary, in photos, and in Facebook live videos and many, many #theellenshow dance training videos. She is an amazing, kind, fun loving woman, and who you see online and who she is in person.

You might be wondering why I was in Taryn’s hotel room, well I’m proud to say that I’m a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador (BIMGA for short) and a few local BIMGAs jumped at the chance to join Taryn for the Canadian Girls Night In Online release of Embrace. As ambassadors, we give an hour of our time each week sharing the message of the Body Image Movement and trying to help spread the word about #Embrace (You can watch the trailer here.) and sharing the body image movement with as many people as possible.

Throughout the evening as we welcomed people from all over the country we enjoyed pizza, conversations around body image and laughs, lots and lots of laughs. Taryn was so excited to share the new campaign, Race to Embrace to help raised awareness of the film. While in New York just days before she was standing in Times Square, bombarded with billboards of the new major motion picture releases and needed a way to help spread the word about Embrace. And so grew the idea of the #embraceitforward campaign.

The Body Image Movement is providing people with $10 to download the film, and if they love it as much as we did, then they would pass along $10 to someone else to cover their cost of the downland. You know, it’s like an batton in the relay race to embrace. You can download your #embracebatton here.


When 1 Million people download Embrace, it will not only change their lives, and the lives of those around them, but it will enable the Body Image Movement to help provide a free study guide and body image education in every school in North America! This is the global change we have all been waiting for, and now the waiting has ended! We can all do our part to help as many people as possible allow themselves to stop, breath and embrace.

It’s our life, and our bodies are the only vessel we have to enjoy all the amazingness the world has to offer. I’m one that had struggled for most of my life with body image issues and finding the movement when I did was life changing. It doesn’t happen overnight, but every day gets a little easier. It’s about appreciating our body for the vehicle of awesomeness that it is!

Are ready to #embraceitfoward?

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