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I haven’t posted anything since the inspiring evening shared with Taryn and the other local BIM ambassadors nearly a year ago. While the changes over the last year have been subtle externally, they have been deep internally.

At the start of 2017 post-op physio was ongoing for the right knee arthroscopic surgery done in November. The realization of taking my foot off the gas and allowing time for my body to heal and recover from not only the two surgeries but the years of endurance sports was more than ok; it’s necessary. For the rest of the year, I spent much of my time focused on work, my day job. It’s challenging, our new initiatives are exciting, but if I allow it, it’s all-consuming. By the time December rolled around I was burnt out.

While away on vacation I had some time to reflect on the past 12 months and made some decisions about how 2018 was going to roll.
Rather than setting unrealistic or restrictive goals, you know the ones people tend to make focusing on things like “losing ten pounds” the realization of more not less came over me; it was time for a different approach.

Ok great, so what does this mean you ask? The objective is to spend more time having fun and making different choices focusing instead on health, wealth and happiness.

I will plan my exercise time as any other appointment, waking early some days to get in a spin before work or packing my yoga bag and going to a class in the evening. It means, I’m going to participate in activities I enjoy, find challenging and are FUN! And I’ll get more rest and more restorative downtime.

It means that I’ll include more fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet along with more alternative protein sources like soy, tofu, and seafood and I’ll drink my herbal tea and water.

Health also means listening to my body, mind, and soul and doing what feels right for me. It may mean taking a warm bath, stretching, going for a hike with a friend or choosing to say no to something that doesn’t resonate with me physically, spiritually or mentally. And realizing these feelings can change day by day, and that’s ok.

To focus on wealth can mean different things to different people. For 2018 it means I’ll spend more time learning and growing taking classes that interest me, listening to more audiobooks and taking a crack at planting my first vegetable garden. It also means looking at my relationships, nurturing existing ones and expanding my social circles.

Living where I do, there is also a focus on wealth from a financial standpoint, and this includes making wise choices when it comes to the dollars I earn and receive and being open to new possibilities and opportunities.

Happiness is where gratitude comes in because, without it, we can’t ever be happy. Quite often, people seek happiness externally; they’ll “be happy when x, y, and z happen” rather than taking stock of all the fantastic and beautiful things they already have and being thankful for it all. Even finding some gratitude for the pain and suffering, you’ve endured can have an immense effect on your overall happiness. Speaking first hand as I’ve had my fair share of pain in this life, I know, 100% that I am all the better for it. Sure, at times, it sucked but working my way through it all has provided so many lessons and opportunities for growth that there is no way I can deny I’m a different person than before.

Ok so besides being thankful for pain, there are other things I can do to cultivate more happiness in my life. So, with a goal to achieve more happiness this means having more gratitude, taking part in more meditation, having more quiet contemplation and more love. Love for it all, the good, the bad and the ugly and more love for myself included.

My hope for you this year, is that you too will look for ways to focus on more, rather than on less. May you find peace, love, and happiness.

Happy New Year.

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