When opportunity knocks

There’s a yearning at times to write even though I don’t have a specific topic in mind. Sometimes its a practice of processing my thoughts, releasing some trapped herstories, some old hurts. And sometimes it’s just to make some sense of what’s happening in this magical ride called Life.

I have this feeling like something is releasing, a bit of a restlessness stirring and I sit here at the laptop waiting for something to happen. The act of my fingers walking over the keys somehow seem to help. We walk through life at times with all our energy focused on specific points, but when we stop and pause to look back, this is where the magic happens.

Stop. Look up and see the words we’ve written, the life we have lived. At this time, I look back to my thoughts earlier in the year, reflections about what this year meant to me and what the focus was. Health, wealth and happiness.

Will you answer when Opportunity knocks?

Much has transpired since then, and life is beginning to look a lot different. I took what felt like a big bold step and left my previous place of employment, leaving a place I called my second home for nearly eight years. A place where I knew A LOT, was respected and trusted by many to get the job done. The one people came to when they needed help, or had an issue, and I walked away. A new opportunity, one that brings MUCH life change my way knocked at the door, and I answered.

Change is scary, to move from what we know, what is comfortable what is reliable to something that is everything but, is nerve-racking but oh so worth it. Change is possible and simple (yet quite challenging). Deciding what you want is the first step, the second step is seeing the opportunity presented in front of you and not allowing fear to stop you in your tracks or hold you back from the life you could be living. The third step is believing and trusting that everything works out in the end as it’s meant to be and remembering that everything is temporary.

Everything is temporary. How comforting those words are; remember this when you’re savoring a joyous occasion or when you’re in the dark place, or when things feel like they will never change. Everything. Is. Temporary. When we remember this, we can make the tough call; we can make the scary move, we can experience the hurt and pain because we know, it won’t last.

Life is a different ride when we let go and stop resisting the impermanence and enjoy the moment for what it is. A moment, an experience, a lesson to take with you for next time.

Live fully, love hard and laugh out loud!

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