Where’s Your Head At?

During a brief conversation on Instagram today I was reminded it had been some time since I was here last. With that, it was time to sit back and appreciate the experiences over the last few months.

Before I get into the details of the months past, I’ll address the title of this post. I’ve had this track in my head off and on for weeks now. While I loved it when it dropped back in 2001, it has a different meaning now. When I sing it in my head, it’s like a reminder to come back to now, and enjoy the present moment. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

My goals for 2018 were to focus including more Health, Wealth and Happiness throughout the year; so far, so good!

I’ve recommitted to my gluten and dairy free diet, and I do this to reduce inflammation in the body. Spending a week or so cheating with gluten (and making some less than stellar decisions in activity) had a noticeable impact so getting back on the wagon has been easy while establishing a health focus diet.

Strength training has been improving with a recent uptake on consistency and appropriate intensity. And although my goal is to have a ton of fun, there have been days I benched myself because my body pulled rank and said: “I don’t think so.”

Well, regarding learning and personal growth, I hit the jackpot! Much has transpired as I completed the Fundamentals of Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation through the U of T, I finished the 50 Hours Mediation Teacher Training and became Reiki Level III certified.

Tending to the veggie patch has been rewarding, fulfilling and humbling. The tiniest of critters can and WILL decimate your crops if you don’t catch them quick enough. So far, there were looping caterpillars and moth larvae to contend with, and of course the heat waves but there has been much bounty we’ve enjoyed as well. The garden is still producing, and plants which had a rough start are taking hold and growing some veggies. Expansion plans are in the works for next season as we learn to pickle cucumbers and consider what else we want to try growing and canning.

Hmm, happiness. Looking back at my aspirations for the year, I’d have to say mission accomplished! Much joy and happiness filled the past few months. There have been incredible sunsets and full moons enjoyed with friends, and sharing sunrises on the beach with dad. Past hurts have fallen away, cause really, who needs to carry all the crap from yesterday? Visits with family members I’ve not seen in a while and peaceful afternoons reading on the deck. And bikes, can I tell you how much fun I’ve had on my bike? I wish there had been more, but wow it was awesome. From shredding the trails with a huge group of women, some first timers to being a newbie myself ripping up the track on a BMX bike at a ladies only night. (seriously this is fun, go and try it if you can!). Spending a day at Habitat’s Halton location was incredibly rewarding and exciting learning how to use power tools, building walls and ultimately helping a family have a home!

I continue to find my way in this life, figuring out what speaks to my soul, makes my spidey senses tingle and what screams fun and fear at the same time. Sitting back reminiscing and savoring the memories provides an opportunity for gratitude for all that has transpired. Sure throughout there have been struggles, as everyone has, but it’s up to me to decide what I focus on and wish to remember.

My hope for this post is that you too, take a moment to sit back and appreciate all the good things that came your way this summer. And, if you feel you wish more were there to recall, I invite you to consider how you might welcome more Health, Wealth and Happiness into your life.

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