In September 2013 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. So what does this mean? Well for me, this means my knees sound like rice krispies, they snap, crackle and pop pretty much all the time and walking down stairs is painful. There are days when there is a relentless ache and at times my knees buckle or give out. The images below are my actual x-rays showing “bone spurs” or “Osteophytes”.

I’m very lucky, there is a treatment that is working for me. I’m able to get “Durolane” injections that last about six months. They provide a lot of relief, it doesn’t eliminate all the symptoms but it allows me to keep active and do most of the things I love doing. xray1

I understand everyone is different, symptoms and pain tolerance is different but I’m here to tell you, Osteoarthritis doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. Spending time in the gym is a must for me as I need to strengthen the muscles around my knees. As a triathlete, when I am in training a log a lot of hours in the pool and on my bike, even out running. The swimming and bike time is great cross training that is low-impact and helps maintain my cardio fitness. Running on the other hand isn’t the best activity but that’s what ice packs are for!